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The DCC Alliance Releases Common, Standards-Compliant Core for Debian GNU/Linux Distributions

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., December 6, 2005 - Major Linux vendors and non-profit organizations today officially released DCC 3.0, a common, standards-compliant Debian core to serve ...

The DCC Alliance Launches to Assemble a Common, Standards-Based Core for Debian-Based Linux Distributions

SAN FRANCISCO, August 9, 2005 (LinuxWorld Expo) - Major Linux vendors and non-profit organizations today officially launched the DCC Alliance. The Alliance plans to assemble ...


News articles

ZDnet: First code release for DCC Alliance

A consortium of Linux vendors created to promote the commercial use of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution has released its first product, and plans more.

eWeek: DCC Alliance Is Keeping Its Promises

In San Francisco at LinuxWorld a few weeks ago, the newly formed DCC Alliance promised that it would soon deliver its first beta distribution. The group quietly did so late last week.

InfoWorld: DCC Alliance takes on Novell, Red Hat

The DCC Alliance wants to change that by working with the Debian community to align the related distributions around a common core. At the heart of their plans is an effort to bring Debian into compliance with the LSB (Linux Standard Base), a standard that describes how the internals of a Linux distribution should be organized.

eWeek: DCC Alliance Takes Its First Steps

At LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco last week, the DCC Alliance announced its formation to foster an enterprise-ready Debian Linux distribution.

Internet News: Debian Alliance on The Horizon

The DCCA is expected to help drive Debian into the enterprise and bring it into direct competition with enterprise Linux heavyweights Red Hat and Novell.


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